May 2016.

Directed, Devised and Choreographed by Rhiannon Annendale, Theanora Criswell-Sanderson, Jade Maden, Xavier Santos and Beth Williams for our Creative Dance Practice Assessment in March 2016.

It was later performed by Theanora Criswell-Sanderson, Rhian Dwyer, Lucy Everson, Lois Press and Xavier Santos in Bath Spa Live’s Open Space, the following May.

Everyone has fears. And those fears could be of anything. Perhaps it’s  a fear of the unknown, or of confined spaces. Maybe it’s open water. Sometimes we enjoy what others hate most. Perhaps you love to fly, but for some, the mere thought of boarding a plane causes their palms to sweat. Maybe the thought of being misunderstood makes your heart beat faster, faster. Fear may drive us, or hinder is, make us stronger, or weaker. We faced our fears. Will you?

March 2016:

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May 2016:

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