Think Generously

[Whilst seeming like trivial text, my research into selfish minds has prompted me to voice my own suggestion on how to self medicate the world, one mind at a time, to help it be a less hateful murmur of noise.]

We need to all start thinking of others, before ourselves. Sometimes, other people may need something more than us, and our instinctive reaction should be one of understanding, not judgement.

  • The bus driver may have pulled over and started to rummage for his phone. He could be expecting an important phone call regarding a close family member should be our first thought, instead of what an inconvenience, I’m going to be late.
  • A close friend could have a snappy attitude one day. Ignore your judgement roaring how rude, and instead imagine what inner battles they are fighting; they could be reacting badly to some new medication.
  • Somebody might be hogging the bathroom while unknowingly blocking your daily routine. Thoughts like why are they taking so long, I need to use the bathroom, should alternatively be are they OK, is everything physically alright?

Other people may simply need something more than you, which coincidentally compliments how we all lead such independent lives and diverse ways of living. We need to respect that difference. What might be of an inconvenience to you, may be a life altering instant for another.

We’re all so desperate to be understood, we forget to be understanding.

So through our attempts at increased understanding of one another, we may discover a hobby that helps us. Or a new job. Or maybe even a somebody. Find whatever makes you a better you. Think optimistically, openly, newly and fresh. For positive thoughts never attract negative energy.

Our world is packed full of magpies with selfish appetites, constantly trying to buy things we don’t want, with money we don’t have, to please people we don’t like. We all may want to leave our mark on the world; but you can’t help others, without saving yourself first.


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